Helping build a world to which people want to belong and contribute.

I would like to claim authorship for this mission statement, however, it actually belongs to Robert Dilts (an early developer of NeuroLinguistic Programming), from whom I shamelessly stole it.

However, it does capture what I believe Sociologists are all about: How do we create a society that functions optimally for all who belong? An ancillary question would be: What unites us as a people and what separates us from each other?

These two questions and the discovery of meaningful answers to them are what guides my exploration of the social world in which I operate both personally and professionally.


For my students:

Things happen very quickly 
during the semester. In order
to be prepared:

1. Attend the first class
session. If you do not attend
the first class session, and
have not contacted me
regarding this initial absence
, you will lose your seat and a waitlisted student will be registered in your slot.

2. You need to purchase your textbook for the class and begin reading Chapter 1.

3. Be sure you attend
all classes during the first
two weeks in order to retain
your seat
in the class. If you miss a class, and you have not informed me, I will drop you
from the class. Attendance will be taken during the first two weeks.

Classes I teach:  



s101_text          with MySocLab (optional)


the Family

s125 text      with MySocLab (optional)


  • Socio 150: Ethnicity and Diversity in the U.S.

    s150 text
      with MySocLab (optional)



My Office: Founders Hall 160N

My Office Hours:

Mondays &     11:30am - 1:30pm

Tuesdays         1:00pm-2:00pm

Contact Me:

Ph: (209) 575-6123